Friday, November 13

365 True Confessions

Ok, I have to admit - I really liked the idea of the 365 when Sheila told me about it last year - it really seemed like an awesome idea! It has gotten me to take more photos of my daily life, but I think I got off track somewhere. I did pretty well with the first few months of the year, then all of a sudden, I was two months behind, then three, then...I guess my life just got in the way. I spent vacation time diligently working to catch up and would get a month done. So, in other words, my 365 is probably more like my 180. Sheila, I really tried to keep up, but I think I have decided to end with June. Maybe another year, I will do July through December. Or maybe it will be a six month journey. I give you kudos for doing so well with yours Sheila! Now I know why I like smaller projects that I can finish in a couple of months!

As for all the ideas out there - I love those! So, I may not be a 365 gal, but I will definitely take some of those ideas that inspire me and play with those.

Sheila, I am looking forward to getting those cards in my mailbox!!

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