Tuesday, March 23

Celebrating the First Day of Spring...at the Crop!

Can you believe that when I opened my goody bag at the crop, my box of cereal was Lucky Charms? How perfect is that? You know how I love to celebrate being Irish...leprechauns fit right in there!

The only time I remember getting these cute little boxes of cereal as kids was when we would go camping. (plus, we usually only had the basic boring cereal at home, and these had little marshmallow shapes in it...)I loved that I could choose which one I wanted, open it up, and put the milk right in the container.

Who knew that a simple box of cereal would bring back these childhood

Next, to make my day even better, my friend Nancy, brought in this adorable little change purse she made. She said whoever could figure out what was in it that made it open and close could have it. I knew the sound of those clicks it made, and sure enough, it had part of a metal roll up ruler in it - how clever! Thanks Nancy!!!

The morning was a beautiful morning for the first day of spring, so we also had to celebrate by going outdoors for a bit and taking a few photos in between working on our projects. Here is Michelle, our photographer...who took the final picture you see on the post. Thanks Michelle!

Oh, yes, that is the Michelle we have linked on our site who is our Stampin' Up demonstrator. She always keeps our Stamp Camp fun and lively!

Maybe a month ago, I was shopping at J C Penny, and found this great exercise outfit in, you guessed it - green. Well, my friend, Lynda loved it so much, she went out and bought 2! Since we both had ours on for the crop, we just had to get a photo of the two of us! Lift, stamp...lift, stamp....cut, squeeze...cut, squeeze...bend...see how we can work out at a crop?

Happy Spring to everyone out there!


  1. Thanks for sharing your crop day with us! Looks like everyone had a great time.

  2. looks like great fun! I can't wait to meet you all in person at the meeting/party on the 1st! I've been scoping out some Stampin' Up items in my scrapbook magazines and I'm already formulating a wish list! lol.

  3. Tabitha,
    I am looking forward to next thursday, and you joining in the fun!

  4. It was a wonderful time Sheila. One of our discussions centered around the thought that part of the reason that crop times are so special is that it gives us the opportunity to take a break from the daily routine and CREATE. The very nature of creativity seems to be calming and relaxing for many of us - a true balm for the soul. I look forward to crop day as it truly refreshes me for the week ahead.


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