Saturday, July 11

Maura's Christmas Tree- oh! class

Creativity abounds at the class at Captured Moments! Friends gather to try out something new, and share ideas at the class I just taught at the store.

You can make a "trio" of Christmas trees in about 3 - 4 hours, once you have prepared your materials. These make a cute decoration for the holidays, perfect on your mantle, and what better time than July to start getting ready for Christmas! Hey, you know how busy you are at the end of the year!

Materials needed: scissors, paper trimmer, adhesive, coordinating holiday paper(Basic Grey and Kaiser Craft), 3 sizes of scallop punches, paint, fibers and ribbons, embellishments, ruler, and a set of trees from Oriental Trading Company (Christmas Tree Kit). (Check your local craft store for paper mache or styrofoam forms as an alternative.)

Three Easy Steps to Prepare:
1. Paint the bases and the bottoms of the trees. Set aside to dry.
2. Cut out about 5-2" strips of different papers. Cut out 8-10 2.5" strips.
3. Punch out 12 large scalloped circles, 12 medium, and 12 small.

Small Tree:
1. Using the 2" strips you cut, now cut them into little pieces about 0.5x2". Curl with your scissors (closed - those scrapbook scissors are sharp!) or use the dowel in your kit.
2. Always start at the base of the tree, and adhere a row of curly strips around the base. The next layer goes above it, and stagger the strips.
3. Continue to the top. Add an embellishment and fibers and ribbons, and voila! you are done!

Look at how proud Lynda is of her beautiful tree!

Medium Tree: Yes! This will be a lot faster than the little one - I promise!
1. Now, you are going to use your 2.5" strips and fringe them. Keep about a half inch at the top to adhere it with.
2. Start at the base with the first strip and adhere. Overlap the next strip so about a half to an inch of the layer below shows. It is your personal preference. Work your way to the top.
3. Embellish the top, add fibers and ribbons, and tree #2 is done!
Heidi, hard at work. Look at those fringed trees!

Large Tree:
1. Cut your medium and large scallops in half. Ink the edges if you like.
2. Start at the base with the large scallops. Layer them, alternating placement with each row, and do about a third of the tree.
3. Cover the middle third with rows of the medium scallop halves.
4. Top off the tree with rows of the smallest scallop circles.
5. If you would like to add a bit of dimension, turn the scallop edges up carefully.
6. Add a decoration to the top, fibers and ribbons, and there you go!
A beautiful sample! I like the garland she added.

Ok, several hours have gone by while you have been immersed in your project, but you now have three beautiful Christmas trees ready for the holidays!There's one in every class! Tiffany (one of the store owners) takes it a step further!
Happy scrapping!


  1. Great Class Maura! Tiffany said it was so much fun, I wish I could have done it too! Good job with this easy to follow tutorial!!

  2. Thanks Tara! Appreciate that! I would have loved to have you there too.


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