Tuesday, July 21

Envelope Pocket

I had a set of pretty notecards and envelopes that I wanted to use, but not in the traditional way. I saw a version of these envelope pockets on the internet and decided to give them a try. I used the notecard, envelope, coordinated paper scraps and ribbon.
I sealed the envelope and then cut off the top two corners at angles. I cut a small sliver off the top of the envelope so that it would open like a pocket. Fold one of the flaps down and score. I used the notecard to cover the front of the envelope. Then I put adhesive on the top of the folded down flap. Flip it over onto the scrap of coordinated paper and trim around the edges. Do the same on the other flap and decorate. I added an insert to make this envelope pocket into a birthday greeting.

You can make these envelope pockets out of any sized envelope. Recycle your envelopes that come in the mail. Business sized envelopes can be cut down to any size for any project. Besides making cute pocket greeting cards, they would be great in mini books filled with journaling cards, memorabilia or additional photos.

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