Tuesday, July 14

Organizing Ideas, or what to do with your old magazines...

Over the years, I have subscribed to a number of stamping and scrapbooking magazines, and they have been piling up around the house. I can't throw them out, because I remember I saw projects I wanted to try, a new technique, a color combination...something that I would just have to go back and find. Well, I realized recently, that I would never find the article again in that four foot high stack of magazines, and I really should get those under control. (yes, I think if I really stacked them up they would be at least that high)

So, the new organized me, or at least the one trying to be that, came up with a solution. I have started going through them quickly, and the cards, articles, layouts, etc. that catch my eye this time come out, usually a few per issue. I sometimes jot a note on the piece to help me remember later what I will use it for, or why I cut it out. My sister Sheila gave me a pretty accordion file folder, so I labeled the sections: cards, colors, holidays, journaling, layouts, occasions, organize, project, scrapbook, technique. I slip each of the pieces I found in the magazine into one of these categories, and when I get stuck for ideas, can look through my file folder to jumpstart my creativity. And, I can then pass on the magazines to friends to also use - I am reducing, reusing, and recycling!

One of the nice things about this project is I can take a stack out on the picnic table when the weather is nice, or a few in the car on a drive...hopefully, by the end of summer, my four foot stack will be down to the ground!

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