Monday, July 6

Our Story - the sisters: Sheila and Maura

Our family is very creative, even if our Mom doesn't think she is, but she had to be to raise 5 of us! Our talents range from stamping and scrapbooking to embroidery, weaving, cake decorating, cooking, drawing, sewing...I think we each have a special talent. Sheila and I started off a number of years ago stamping, and both of us loved to make cards. It always feels good to send a handmade card to friends and family to celebrate a special occasion, or to get some real mail in your own mailbox. It feels like sharing a bit of sunshine and we still like to do that, but then Sheila started scrapbooking too. I wanted nothing to do with that for a number of years - I liked stamping. Well, she finally talked me into it, and I haven't stopped since!

We have always shared our ideas with each other even though one of us lives in Ohio and the other in New York. We find ways to do projects long distance and share them. Usually we set a due date for the project, ship it off, and set a date for opening the boxes at the same time to see what the other has created. Once a year, we try to meet and get some "in person" time together- at a crop or even camping.

We can start with the same materials and end up with two very different projects. Sheila has a nice clean, graphic style, while Maura likes to play with patterns and colors. Sheila has been published in Paper Crafts magazine, while Maura likes teaching classes at her local scrapbook store. Somehow, the ideas keep flowing, and now we'd like to share them with you!

We have discovered that crafting has become our therapy in times of stress. It gives us a social outlet, and keeps both sides of our brains busy. We hope that you will enjoy peeking in once in awhile to see the projects we share with each other, and enjoy the evolution of our ideas. (can you tell I teach science also?)
Happy Crafting!

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  1. Maura and Shelia!
    Love the blog, love the ideas...I have added it to my favorite places! I will be back to see what you are both up to! Congrats on the beginnings of a great blog!!!

    Rachael Rogers


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