Sunday, August 9

Blog Idea Books

We went shopping at a local book store and after
some discussion (and lunch) chose these "Write Ideas" notebooks to alter for our blog books. We liked the size, paper quality, and the green spine.

One of the things we wanted to accomplish while together in person was to brainstorm ideas for our blog, so we started by altering our books to get them ready to fill with ideas we can post. Who wants a boring old notebook to keep such good ideas in? We are thinking up lots of ideas for the blog and having fun together doing it!

Take note of our work area: the clean, neat and organized side is Sheila's; the messy, chaotic side is Maura's. As you can see, not only do we come up with very different versions of the same project using the same materials, but the way we work is different too. We discovered today that Sheila does a lot of planning and measuring while Maura just jumps in and does it. There is no "right" way to scrapbook - we can certainly attest to that!

AND, here are the blog books we created! One has a secret pocket...One has a handwritten title... Can you guess which one each of us made?

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