Sunday, August 23

December Daily Class #2

Friday evening was Maura's second
December Daily class at Captured Moments. We had a lot of fun at the beginning of class sharing the pages we'd finished for "homework." Such a talented group of ladies! One of the best parts of a class like this is seeing all the ideas that develop - we look at an idea one person has come up with, and then you turn around,
and there are several new versions
of that same idea, each one with its
unique spin.

We worked on some new techniques such as making our own scallop pages by punching circles out and sandwiching them halfway
between two sheets, threading ribbon onto the pages, and using the die cut to cut snowflakes out of Grungeboard (Tim Holtz) - cool stuff: it's like a cross between chipboard and suede, bends and flexes and you can do just about anything with it. I love some of the embellishments that students came up, with with like this darling snowman. Another great idea was to incorporate parts of old Christmas cards, and if you are like me, you probably have a stack of old ones around that you just couldn't throw out. What a great idea to reuse them!

I have to say, I have a fabulous group of dedicated students! We had a crop on Saturday, and several of "my ladies" worked all day (and night) working on their pages. I think we ALL are having a lot of fun with this project - I know I am!

Some snapshots of the class for you to enjoy!


  1. Fun entry on our Dec. Daily class, Maura! I spent most of Sunday afternoon catching up-- and just making everyone crazy here with my crowing about each and every page-lol.
    I just love my book and can't wait to add a few more pages so all of my homework is complete next time we meet--imagine that! Then I won't pout sitting between the "over achievers"!

  2. Thanks Karen! I am glad to hear you are having so much fun with this project! Bugging the people around you with the latest idea you have, is half the fun. I am sure you will have your "homework" done, so you will be sitting pretty at class. :)


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