Thursday, August 20

Gift Idea: College Student

As many students are gearing up to head off to
college, I thought I would share this project I made for my son several years ago while he was an architecture student at Tulane University. While I do know that most college students communicate via computer and cell phones, I thought there still are times when a good old fashioned card will do the trick - a thank you to a grandparent, a professor...who knows? maybe even you!

I went online to the school website and copied a photo from the campus, and their symbol in order to make this unique. I selected stamps for the cards with an architectural theme, and a diamond design reminiscent of Mardi Gras. To make the
folder, take an 8 1/2 x 11" sheet of paper, fold in half "landscape" and the bottom part up several inches. Cut a "V" in the middle so you have two pockets. On the front of the folder, I actually printed the campus photo, and and the lettering. Paint a chipboard letter to attach (it's fun to try to use the school's colors with this project). For the back, I again used the school symbol printed on green card stock, and stamped with the diamond design. Run a coordinating ribbon around the folder, and through the chipboard letter. One pocket, I adhered the outer side with adhesive, and on the other used clips to enclose.
Use a coin envelope, and rub on "stamps" and
stamp with a coordinating theme stamp. Decorate the other pocket if you wish.

Make a set of coordinating cards and envelopes. I kept mine fairly simple and used the theme of my son's studies. I also tried to keep it masculine looking. Fill the pockets, add a book of stamps (no excuse why they can't send a card...), tie shut, and mail off to your son or daughter! This gift will be a nice surprise when they go to their mailbox - we all like receiving personal mail!

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