Thursday, August 6

Who Doesn't LOVE to Shop for Scrapbook Supplies??

One of the things I have learned about myself and shopping in the last couple of years is that the ONLY important shopping anymore has to do with scrapbooking, stamping and crafting... well, and books for some fun reading. As you all know, my favorite store is Captured Moments at home, but when I get to Ohio to visit Sheila, one of my MUST stop and shop places is Archivers, since I do not have one in New York. I look forward to this on each and every visit! Sheila and I went together (which is the best way) - hey, it is the most fun when you can ooh and aah together and drool over the latest products, right? After about an hour or so of going around each aisle, we finished shopping. Luckily there was a bookstore next door that my son could hang out at while we were in Archivers...

We found some cool new products and some materials for our next couple of long distance projects.
Here is a peek at what we got! We found some neat polka dot paper, and polka dot felt! Guess we are in a "dotty" mood! Sheila and I are both excited to make some books and share with each other and all of you.


  1. That polka dot felt would be a fine addition to our Christmas Daily Journals!!!! :-) smf

  2. I thought the class would like it!!


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