Sunday, September 13

Mailbox vs Inbox

I remember when I used to subscribe to every rubber stamping and scrapbooking publication that was available. Maura will sit down right away and read hers while I tend to save them for a later time. A lot of those publications have ceased to exist and I miss that.

However, a lot of online inspiration has shown up in their place. I just found one site that sounds and looks promising...Ella Publishing Co.

If you were a fan of Simple Scrapbooks (which both of us were), this new site was created by two of the former top editors. It features great articles, scrapbook pages, tips and ideas. It also features Scrapbook Ellaments--Ella's free, monthly e-zine, which is packed with all sorts of scrapbooking goodness.

I also like their mission statement: "We knew we wanted to create a company that celebrated all that was good and fun about scrapbooking—creativity, connection, and honoring individuality. We wanted to empower crafters, to educate them, to inspire them, and every once in a while to give them a chuckle or two."

Whether inspiration comes in my mailbox or my inbox, I'm all for it!

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