Sunday, October 11

Halloween Treat Boxes

One of the crafting things that I love to make is holiday goodies to hand out throughout the year. Since Halloween is fast approaching, I thought that I would share an idea from last year and later this week I'll show what I am working on for this year's goodie. The hardest thing for me is coming up with different ideas for each holiday that I have not used before. That's where inspiration from the internet comes in. A great source for holiday craft ideas is Martha Stewart.

I used her Coffin Treat Box template to make these. You can find the template and a video that shows you how HERE. It is always easy to fill them with candy, but you can also be creative for those special mom's had a small bag of a favorite coffee in hers and my husband's had a certificate for a new video in his.

It's not too late to make these! Have fun.

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  1. These are adorable. I have mine from Sheila on display on a bookshelf now that Halloween draws near. (I just can't throw out these cute things after one season!)


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