Friday, December 4

Advent Calendar

Sheila made me this great Advent Calendar a few years ago. I believe she found the Christmas Tree box at Starbucks. It arrived and when I opened it, there were all these little red drawers just waiting to be opened.

I have to tell you, I was really tempted to open them all at once and see what was in them, as well as what was on the other side. But, I do like surprises, so I opened one each day. I had no idea what it was forming, but there was a little surprise inside each box, like an embellishment, a small could fill them with just about any small item.

By December 24th., I had emptied all the goodies and turned them around to find this photo of my husband and I out walking in the winter snow. She printed the photo out on textured cardstock, added a couple of nice metal embellishments, and rub ons. I especially like the "Cherish the moment" sentiment. It is so easy to get caught up in everything going on at the holidays, that we often forget the quiet moments are important too.

I put this out each year, and we open the drawers each day, even if I haven't filled them with goodies. glad that you like surprises Maura as there should be one in your mail today! I'll post once you receive it :-) Sheila

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