Sunday, December 6

Simple Advent Calendar

We grew up celebrating the holiday season with our mother's handmade Advent Calendar. It was out of felt and looked like a big house with all sorts of decorated windows and a front door that was, of course, day number 25. It hung on the family room wall and each day we took turns opening a door. Behind the doors were little scenes of the holiday season cut out of the last year's Christmas cards.

I loved that Advent calendar and always looked forward to the day it was my turn to open a door. I have not found a replacement that I like as much but I am always on the lookout.

I did, however, stumble across this simple and fun version the other day and had to make one for myself. Mibo has a free download that makes it super easy. So, I stopped everything that I was doing and printed one on Kraft cardstock. I liked it so much that I printed another one on green cardstock to send off to Maura. I ran out to the Post Office that day to mail it as a surprise.

It's not too late to make one for yourself. And you definitely have all the supplies needed!

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  1. I got it Sheila! and I do love surprises!! It is up on my fridge, so I am now up to two advent calenders in the house. Thanks!


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