Saturday, January 9

December Daily - Time to Dust off the Sewing Machine!

One of my best new (forgotten) tools is my sewing machine for scrap booking! I really love using it with my crafts, but sometimes months go by and I forget all about it. It came out again because my husband and I were trying to figure out how to use it to add a buttonhole to a shirt he purchased on ebay. (after about 2 hours, we finally made one on the shirt - I could do it on the sample fabric, but not the real thing).

I set my tension to automatic, and select my thread color to coordinate with my paper. Decide what look you want - the thread can blend in or contrast. My "new" machine has a lot of stitches to choose from, which is a lot of fun! When stitching on paper, I keep the stitch length longer than what I use with fabric.

My December 24 page is a sewn page. First, I used a basting stitch on the satin ribbon and pulled it to add gathers. I sandwiched the ribbon in between the pages on one side for sewing the paper pocket together. Since I did not catch all the ribbon on the first sewing, I just decided to add a couple more random lengths of stitching to that side. I just used a straight stitch with this page. As you can see, I am not concerned with perfection. I love the look of stitching on paper!

My December 27 page is another sewing example this time using felt to make the pocket. I found this great blanket stitch to try out and I love the way it looks. I added a couple of metal circles to the felt, metal numbers and a bit of ribbon - fairly simple. If you look closely at my 27, you will see the "2" is really a 5 (I ran out of #2). Then, I used this page to journal about some of my favorite Christmas carols. Another tip, to get the rounded top to the tag, I traced around a cd and cut it out.

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  1. Maura, I also love the look of sewing on my pages, but rarely do it because the sewing machine is in its box, in a closet. I might just have to bring it out and find a place to set it up. Out of sight, out of mind. I'd like to add more sewing to projects this year. I love the blanket stitch! Very cozy look to the pocket! Wonder if I have that one?


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