Monday, March 1

Maura's Version of the Mini Photo Book

I loved this little mini photo book that Sheila posted HERE, and had to try it out myself. These are a couple of the ones I made. I was inspired to doodle by my son Dan, who does beautiful doodling. I love these new felt flowers I got from Stampin Up too! These books really are a lot of fun, and the directions at Splitcoast Stampers are very easy to follow. I encourage you to try your own version of these, and let us know if you did!


  1. Maura, I love your version of these little albums! Too cute with the felt and the doodling! Be careful...I found them to be addicting and now have a basket full. Thanks for trying it and sharing!

  2. I had the pleasure of viewing the books in person at the crop - awesome! The pictures actually don't do them justice. I am inspired to try some doodling on my current projects.

  3. Maybe we should have a doodle challenge! It really is fun, and I would like to do more of it too.

  4. Maura they are great better than I imgamined from your description on the phone. I don't think I would be a successful doodler.


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