Saturday, May 1

Happy National Scrapbook Day!!

So, how did a day dedicated to scrapbooking come about? Check out this link - History of National Scrapbooking Day by Jessica Helfand, to learn more about the history of the day. For example, did you know that scrapbooks started in the 1900's? Do you have an old scrapbook in the family? Or, do you have old photos that you could make into a vintage scrapbook? Do you have family stories that have been passed down for generations that need to be journaled? Or maybe, you are creating the scrapbook that will be found in a museum in the year 2100!

To all the scrapbookers out there, celebrate the day - take photos, journal, read a craft magazine, do a layout, play with color, organize your stash, jot down ideas... whatever you do, just have fun!

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  1. Great link Maura! and a great post for today. Thanks for sharing!


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