Monday, May 17

Something I Love

I thought that I would share a scrapbooking tool that I love. When it comes to printing out photos for scrapbook projects, I like instant gratification. I don't want to upload photos online and wait for them to arrive in the mail, I don't want to go out of the house to a processing place and I personally don't like the quality of the photos out of those kiosks. While these options may work best for others, I really like the ability to print photos at home. That's why I love the compact all in one printers. I happen to have an Epson, but I think the quality is similar and some people are brand loyal. My particular model is discontinued (I have had it for a few years now) but this one is comparable (click on photo for link).

I like the options for the different sized prints from 4x6 to wallet size and even index prints. It is ideal when working with mini albums--one of my favorite things to make. It even works on a battery which just might come in handy. For instance, Maura camped with my husband and I one summer and she and I worked on mini books outdoors on the picnic table, printing our photos as we needed them.

In case you are the fence about purchasing one, I'd say that it is money well spent. I still use mine every week!

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