Tuesday, June 22

Celebrating Retirement (not me...)

I thought I would share with you the scrapbooks that I made for two retiring teachers. I was hired by our "Sunshine Committee" at school to design these. One is for a Math teacher and the other is for a Music teacher. Bet you can't guess from the photos which is which!

I kept the layouts fairly simple because I had minimal time to get these done. I cut small squares for all the folks at work to write a memory or note to the person and used these as the main focus of my book.

I had some extra pages to fill, so in one I added pages for photos, and in the other a number of sayings this teacher would often use.

I hope the books reflect their years as a teacher, and will bring many smiles to them in the future. I had to end the books with a page leading into their new "careers" - retirement!

edited: Posted by Maura (she's having trouble logging in to post, so I'm doing her posts for her until we get it cleared up.)

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  1. Great job Maura! I'm sure those teachers will treasure these for years to come!


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