Monday, March 21

Crop a Lot - a Winning Team

We all had a wonderful time this weekend at Crop a Lot in Saratoga!  To be able to scrapbook and craft for 3 days with friends is just the best way to spend time. Our group was very lucky at the crop.  I won a ribbon holder - you know the kind with the holes that your ribbon sticks out of...something I have wanted. Then, Nancy won the grand prize - a FREE Crop a Lot weekend!!! WOW!  Then, Lynda won the other grand prize from Captured Moments - a CINCH and everything to go with it!! Let me tell you, the excitement was just flowing outward from table 5.  It must have been all the fun we were having that was attracting the luck!!


  1. I think it may have been some leftover Irish luck! Sounds like a wonderful time was had by all. Thanks for sharing posts from the crop...I enjoyed them.

  2. Ahh....the luck o' the Irish! Glad you enjoyed the peeks into the weekend.


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