Saturday, March 19

Photo Wallet Tutorial

I wanted to share a quick and easy way to make this cute photo wallet out of one piece of 12"x12" patterned paper. It will hold 6 photos or journaling cards.
 First, fold your paper in half and score. It's important to use a bone folder to get sharp creases for this project.
Then fold each side in towards the center score line-don't go all the way to the line, leave about a 3/16" space.
Then turn the four corners as shown almost to the score lines.
Fold in the sides.
Flip your paper over and fold the top back just to the points of the triangles as shown.
Take the other end of your paper and roll it into the first part as shown. Be sure to roll it all the way into the pockets made by the triangles. Once all the way in, score and crease.
Fold in half.
Two photos will slide into the pockets formed by the triangles shown above. Once folded, two pockets are formed on the other ends-you can just see a bit of an opening on the right hand side in the photo above. Slide a circle punch under the inside pockets to punch out a half circle to make it easier to get these two photos in and out.
Cut 6 pieces of cardstock or photos that measure 4 1/4"x2 3/4" for the pockets. Make a belly band if desired to hold everything in place.
Another cute mini album that uses supplies you most likely already have on hand. Try one today!

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  1. We love it!! I have everything here to make it with!! Great idea - thanks for sharing it!


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