Friday, April 22

Scrapbooker for Hire

Cover page
Yep, me!  The job I love best...someone actually paying me to make a scrapbook.  I mean, what could be better than that, right? My principal was recently named the high school principal of the year in New York State - pretty awesome! Our "sunshine" club hired me to make a scrapbook in her honor.
Inside cover and first page
 Article from the paper, some photos I found on-line, and with the use of one of my past Kit Klubs, I was off and scrapping.
Staff page
 Many, many letters were written in support of her getting the award, so this scrapbook was designed to keep them all in one place.  Some of the letters were written by the staff, and many by the students.
Keepsake pocket page
 A pocket page to add in any extras, perhaps the card we all signed for her, or a late letter writer...
Student page

Back of student page
 Luckily I found some pages of her with students, or of students.  My principal, Robin, takes care of the students like they were her own children.  Recently she fought a courageous battle with breast cancer and turned it into a learning experience for the students.  The boys soccer team started a "Pink Out" game to support her and breast cancer.  I think these photos will have a lot of meaning for her.
Inside back cover
 I had to add the "always stirring the pot" because she has always had that mischievous side to her, both as a teacher and principal.
Back cover, binding with the Cinch
I don't know who will have more fun with this...for me the joy of making the book...or for her to read over and over.

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  1. Maura,

    What a cherished keepsake you have made for her! I know that she will appreciate the book for years to come. Such an honor for her and now, thanks to you, it is a time of her life that is well documented. Good job!


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