Wednesday, May 11

I'm So Excited and Ready for a Smashing Good Time!

I did it! I did it! I did it!  Finally....K and Company has the new Smash products online for pre-order.  I've been checking daily on this blog.  Today they posted the shopping link, and I really indulged!!! I can't wait till they come!! I'm so excited!!! (Just had to share with all of you)


  1. I can't wait until you share what you do with your new Smash book and all the goodies. They have some really cool products that would go with any project, not just the books. What a perfect birthday present to yourself!

  2. Maura... I love the Smashbook. All the goodies are soooo enticing as well. I will have to budget this in lol <3 Enjoy !!!


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