Saturday, May 7

NSD Tip or Technique #9

I like to keep all my mini books on display in my craft room. Some of the special ones are on the bookshelves and others are kept in baskets.
 Don't you just want to pick one up and see what's inside?
Scrapbooks are meant to be shared, not stored away. Over time these mini books may have a bit of wear and tear, but I'm OK with that. It just shows that they have been well loved. So, keep your albums and scrapbooking creations out where they can be enjoyed by others as well as yourself.


  1. I totally agree. They need to be seen and loved! and you have such wonderful little albums to go through!

  2. Hmmm..never thought of the basket. I will definitely look for a cool basket or bucket

  3. Love this idea I have a small basket in my livingroom I do this with. Love looking at them from time to tim.e

  4. Love the basket idea. And I love my mini books. Can't wait to get them all out there so I can ohh and ahh at them. I just love to set them out and look at them.

  5. Wonderful idea - I fill a basket with received cards throughout the year - I'm thinking a basket on the coffee table....thanks for the inspiration!


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