Saturday, July 16

A new recipe

I had a request to do a set of recipe cards for a bridal shower. The twist was that these were to be used as advice to the bride-to-be. Everyone at the shower writes their "recipe" for what it takes to have a happy marriage. Here is what I came up with:
poem found via Google-there are lots to choose from
I added the chipboard date to the binder ring so that she could fill in her wedding date.
They requested generic stamped images of flowers, hearts, etc. but I think these would be darn cute with measuring spoons, mixing bowls, aprons, etc. I just may have to make another set.

So, what is your "recipe" for a happy marriage?

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  1. Sheila, these turned out so cute - I am sure they will love them. I like your idea of doing them with the kitchen implemements.


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