Sunday, July 3

Where we are scrapping - together!

Sheila has this fabulous farmhouse style table to work at that is huge!  I have way more space here than I do at home to work, and the best part is, there we are - sitting right across from each other, working and chatting.
We thought we would share our working space so you can compare how we create.  This is my side of the table - piles of things, tools all over, everything out and messy! I just can't seem to keep my craft space neat - the mess just overflows....
Now, look at Sheila's side!  How neat is that!  Neat as a pin...or perhaps clothespin?  She only has out what she needs, and it's all organized.  No wonder she gets so much more accomplished than I do when we work together! I think I need lessons on organization from Sheila!


  1. Looks like you two are having lots of quality time together!!

  2. We had the best time! Now...I am driving back home....

  3. What fun! It's such a blessing to be able to craft together!


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