Friday, August 19

Another....Baby Book

I'm getting ready for school ( a couple more weeks...), and one of my preparations was to make this baby book for a young teacher who is expecting in the early fall.  Remember all those baby books from the spring?  Well, the "baby boom" is still going strong, and I thought I have more time now than once my classes begin, so why not get it done ahead of time?

Since I don't know if it is a boy or girl, I kept the colors in the pastel range and included pinks, blues, yellows, and greens - all bases covered.  I also mixed up the page sizes a bit for some variety.  A very simple book to create: chipboard for the pages, cover with pattern papers, bind it together and embellish.

I'm starting to run low on baby supplies....maybe the "boom" is over for a bit.


  1. What a terrific gift...almost, I say ALMOST, wishing I were pregnant and inviting you to the shower!!!

  2. You did a fantastic job on this mini album! I absolutely love the cover and the colors and the flowers...I love it all. It's going to become a cherished gift.

  3. Maura, you are such an inspiration. On Thursday night, we sat next to each other and worked on chipboard albums. Now - if only I could say that mine was finished!! I love your finished product!

  4. Sheree,
    I have faith in you - you WILL get yours done!!


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