Monday, August 1

Coffee Books Brewed - Part 2

OK, Sheila here to share my version of the little coffee books that Maura and I worked on together while she was visiting earlier this summer. I loved that she had brought a lot of her crafting supplies with her because she had quite a few goodies that I have never played with before and I finally got to try them out. I got a tiny bit "messy" with the Smooch sprays and really liked the effects!
Sheila's cover-plain and simple
Sheila-page 1 and 2 (insert sewn into the spine)
another view page 1 and 2
Sheila's page 3 and 4
Sheila's page 5 and 6-coffee sleeve sewn into spine
Sheila's page 7 and 8
Sheila's page 9 and 10
Sheila's page 11 and 12
Sheila's page 13 and 14-card holder sewn into spine
I love how both our projects turned out and we now have another similar, yet very different, mini book.

Maura here....I love how Sheila added in the inserts to her book - how cool is that?  I also really like how she added little coffee embellishments from coffee shops she has visited.  I am also very proud of Sheila getting "messy" with her book.  We'll change her yet!!

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