Friday, August 12

Maine 2011

I can't wait to get photos of my trip to Maine this summer printed, so that I can add them in to the Nautical Album that I created for a class.  I chose a few to share with you...proof I was actually there, lobster (now really, I only had one 2 pound lobster!) or should I say, lobstah", and the Portland Head Lighthouse.  I am looking forward to putting the photos and journaling in to the album, and having a great memoir of my summer trip.

For my class attendees...have you added in your photos and journaling yet?  I'd love to see what you did!


  1. I purchased this album class for my pictures frm trip was canceled and I haven't finished my album! But I'm working on it! Perkins cove is one of mt favorite places....I have eaten at Barnacle Billy's many times!

  2. Ok, Fran....need to plan another trip to Maine - find a cool time to go, and then the album will come together. The lobster was fabulous - we even had it for breakfast!


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