Tuesday, August 23

To Doodle...or not to Doodle...that is the Question!

 I created a project for an art gathering this fall, and here is the sneak preview of it.  We'll be making a mini art journal, chock full of all different types of paper and embellishments.

I started by creating the kits with the papers, covers, ribbons and embellishments, and then used one kit to make my sample.  I have found this to be easier for me rather than creating the album, and then finding enough of everything to make the kits.  I like this method also, because it is a challenge to me - this is all I have to work with...what can I make?

I thought I was finished, and then thought....hmmm....where's the white pen....let's try some doodling (my son is always encouraging me to add my own "art " to my work.  So here you go, the "plain" version" on top, and the "doodled version" below.  When I see them side by side, I notice such a difference!

So, what's your vote....to doodle? ...or not to doodle?


  1. Definitely doodle! I love it! Your little project looks so intriguing...I want to see more of it...love the look of all the different pages inside and I love the size. Where do I sign up for this art gathering??

  2. One for doodle!
    This is made for my Vintage Art Group that is meeting on October 1 - I'll have to figure out a "virtual" class :)

  3. To doodle...loving this and can't wait to create it with your assitance ... your so talented ...

  4. To doodle gets my vote.


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