Wednesday, December 28

More Pinterest

Maura mentioned earlier this week about Pinterest. It's a great place to set up "bulletin boards" and keep track of just about anything you can think of, craft related or not. I've seen boards for recipes to try, home decor, crafts to make, books to read, videos to watch, etc.

Lots of people have boards you can follow as well as scrapbook companies, magazines, etc. so be sure to search for your favorites. Here's an example:
Scrapbooks Etc. Pinterest Page
You can follow people if you want to see each and every thing that they are interested in, or you can just look at their boards and click on items of interest.

Now....just a warning....this site is very addictive and can use up a lot of your free time. You click on one thing, check out a site, find another link to something even cooler and it just keeps on going.

It's a great place though to keep track of all those cool things you find on the internet. If you haven't done so already, check it out.

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  1. Oh yeah, I get started, I can't stop! and I haven't even scratched the surface of the iceberg yet!


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