Monday, December 26

New to me

My friend Leslie mentioned this site to me, and I have finally had some time to play with it.  It is like a social bulletin board.  You set up themed bulletin boards and pin images to it.  It looks like a great way to keep track of all of those ideas you run across on the web to keep in one place.  You can share with others and see what other people are posting.  I have just started to set up some boards, and it looks like fun.  Check it out and contact them if you are interested in joining.


  1. Maura, I had heard about this before but never took the time to investigate...someone just invited me to "join" and I'm going to look into it this week....sounds like fun...

  2. Addicted! I'm there and once I start pinning I can't stop! Please help~
    Ha - seriously, a great resource.

  3. I think it is a great resource and I thought it was a great idea to keep future projects in one place.


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