Saturday, January 21

Coffee Lovers Unite!

New Coffee Paper Line by
I think by now you all know how much Sheila and I love coffee!  When I came across this new paper line with a coffee theme, well, I just started to see a whole lot of possibilities!! Visions of java, joe, cuppa, coffee, hot and black, iced, sweet, light...oh yeah!  the lights came on.  Now, I am on a mission to find out who carries this line, so we can get our hands on some and start creating!! (Hint to Tiffany and Tara at Captured Moments!!)

Sheila here-Great minds think alike Maura! I saw this sneak peek also and had to add this paper from their new coffee line...I love that they added the coffee cup stain rings....
*actually posted by Maura-ignore below

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  1. Gotta love that coffee!! I can't wait to find this line to work with it.


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