Friday, February 17

Art Journal

 I have finally finished some pages in my art journal.  I have been taking a class for several months now, doing a bit here, a bit there.  But, I knew I had to prepare some pages for class this week, and that motivated me to work on my art journal.  These are the first two pages I've finished.  I used the wash and misting techniques I learned in my Big Picture class to do the page on the left.  I finally created something finished that I like.  For too long (my fault), I let this sit.  I think I had artist block with this one.  But, I like the combination of color, stamping, images, mists etc. and am happy to claim these as mine (blotches and all)....finally!


  1. Maura,

    I LOVE these! I think that class is motivating you. I've always liked the idea of an art journal...and since it's totally for pressure to make it perfect. Just play. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Thanks Sheila! I must say, I am having FUN with this! I am pulling things out I haven't used or done in awhile, and playing.

  3. just stopped by to let you know I saw your mini on crafty life and style and loved it.

    Terry Ann Diack

  4. Thanks Terry! Both of us created a mini album to share on Crafty Life - it was fun to be guest bloggers.


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