Saturday, February 4

Blog Challenge: Maura's second project

Once again Sheila, you created an amazing project - love it!  I also really like how you used the same idea of the 4 colors and stamp in a totally new and different way on your second challenge project.  I think I need to pull out my Stampbord and use it again!

I think many of us who craft are perfectionists, and less than happy when something doesn't go as planned, or turn out as we envisioned.  We really want to do a good job with our creations! So, I thought I would share with you the creative and messy process I went through on my second project.

My idea was to use alcohol inks and create a really cool background, then stamp the image on that, and voila! I would have this beautiful card!  You can see that I started out that way - I got all of my materials out to create my inked design, glossy paper, inks, the stamp...all set and ready to go. I wanted some metallic inks with the design, and I started here (blues), but the more I worked with it, the yuckier it got.  Threw that one out!

Tried a couple more times, tried some different colors, then started to create one that I liked (reds).This was more like it, but it still needed some tweaking, so went back in with some of the felt applicators and the other colors (purple and teal) and "dappled" the design a bit.  I liked what I ended up with.

Then I stamped it....well, no matter what ink I tried, how I stamped it - right side up, upside down, the black ink just wasn't jiving with the paper and the alcohol inks, and I could not get a good image.  So there went that idea into the garbage.

Finally, I headed onto a completely different path to make this card.  I stamped the image onto brown card stock, did a bit of "fussy" cutting and layered it on teal.  Brown and teal - great colors together.  Well, it seemed a bit plain (after my original plans), so I got out the white pen and added some detail, which just made it start to pop.  Then, I thought , why not add a bit of Crystal Effects/Diamond Glaze to some of the design to create layers, and while it was wet, I added a few gears for interest (I know, I know, but I couldn't help myself!)

I thought I was done, but it still just seemed to be missing something.  That's when I dove into my wastebasket and found the paper I threw away.  Luckily, there was enough to cut off and make these strips.  So, in the end, I did not get my image stamped on the paper I made, but I did get a bit of it onto the card - a compromise, I guess.  So there you have it - the story of how this little card was created! (and yes, it's unique - only one, after all that!)

We hope you have enjoyed our blog challenge.  Now it's your turn, take one stamp and make 2 projects from it, or one embellishment, or one paper....let us know what you do!


  1. Maura,

    I love that you took us through your entire creative process. It just goes to show that you should never throw anything just might come in handy on another project.

    I LOVE the pop of the white that you did! Total genius. I love the final result of your one-of-a-kind card.

    Great challenge for us both!

  2. Maura, You amaze me with your creativity!! Love this card!


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