Saturday, February 25

Want to take a class with Tim Holtz?

Well, registration is now open....
 This is his first ever online class offering. You'll be able to participate from home at a much lower cost than an in-person event and registration numbers are not limited, so it won't sell out. Cost for Creative Chemistry 101 is $35 and the class begins March 19th.

According to the site...In Creative Chemistry 101, Tim Holtz teaches the science behind it all. This class will give you the confidence to experiment with an abundance of techniques and give you ideas for ways to use all the creative mediums in your stash. 

Complete with videos, downloadable tips and tricks, and printable technique labels – this is not your typical project based class. In fact it’s more of and artful exploration where our main objective is the mastering of technique as we focus on creating technique tag swatches with step by step instruction labels on the back. These handy tags will be a useful tool for you to reference on all of your future projects and take the guess work out of how to do it all.

Want to join me?

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  1. Awesome find, Sheila!! Weren't we just talking about this last week? Almost like magic, this appears...what great karma! I am for sure signing up...yes, I can do two classes at once!


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