Monday, April 2

Bunny Land 3

And, the final entrance into bunny land, these are the little paper bunnies I made that could be used for a tag on a gift or basket, or as a place name tag on the table for Easter or spring.  I simply came up with a template, cut the bunny out of paper, then made their little tails with the Martha Stewart fringing scissors.  Check out this video I found to see how to make a paper flower (similar to how I did the tails).

I got inspired to make lots of bunnies in all different colors.  Not sure what they call a passel of bunnies (a herd?), but I think that's what I have here.


  1. I love these! Simple and so cute. I think they would be adorable with names on them as place cards. Very cute herd you have! And you added a video...very impressive. I've been eyeballing those fringe scissors....hmmm.

  2. Maura, These are sweet...thanks for sharing....


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