Sunday, April 15

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Tim Holtz has a new look - check out his blog link on the left side to see his new website!
One of the people I have met in my BPC class is Ashli Oliver aka soapHousemama.  I totally admire the work she does, she is so creative and has such fun ideas.  I've added her link purplemailbox to our blog links, so be sure to check her out. 
She will be going places in the scrapbook world, and has already started along that path.


  1. Awww, are too kind! Thank you for putting my link up :) I am a new follower on your blog :) I have so enjoyed getting to know you a bit in class too!

  2. Welcome aboard soapHousemama! Nice surprise to join us and see something about yourself! LOL! I always look forward to seeing what you are working on, and am glad we have "met in the cloud" so to speak.


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