Tuesday, May 29

Charmed Possessions: Class with Tim Holtz

Small spacer beads:  it is very cool how we made these - we took plastic tubing, wrapped it with tissue tape, cut to that width, inked them and coated them with Mod Podge or Gel Medium or some such material.  We let them dry, and cut them in half again.  Easy peasy!
Light bulb charm on the left with the teeny word "inspire" adhered to it.  Map paper adhered to one of the clear shapes, and then wrapped with copper foil.  I also added this neat button to it.
I love this!  It fits right in with all the SteamPunk style that I really like to play with!  I filled the pocket watch with background paper, gears, a number, and the word "create"
The wing charm is Snow Cap paint and alcohol inks, and then we made a hole in it to hang it.  Another clear shape charm with an ink nib, some gears and a tassle, and then the little glass jar, that I added some sea glass from our beach adventures, and the word :genuine".
I really like this one too - again snow cap with alcohol inks, some gear charms, numbers, bubbles....
Complete necklace on a black rubber tube, now who but Tim would have thought of that!
And finally, here is me wearing it, so you can see how it lays.  This class was so much fun to make all of these charms using so many techniques.  Thanks Tim!


  1. Oh my gosh! LOVE this necklace...so many cool little things and also personalized just for you. I really like the look of those spacer beads. Great job and it looks like it was a lot of fun to work on! Thanks for sharing.

  2. OH MY WORD! How amazing and awesome!!!!

  3. Maura this was indeed the best class ever, even though I did not take it I saw a lot of the things (tecniques)you guys did.
    Mary Calzadilla (one of the # amigas who took the Tim Holtz class and adventure to Manchester By The Sea)

  4. Love it!!!! Can't wait to see this in person.


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