Thursday, July 19

Amy Tangerine Blog Challenge

While waiting for our friends at Captured Moments to come up with the next challenge (hint, hint!), I started to add in some photos and journaling from the trip my husband and I went on in June.

What is a vacation without yummy eats?!

Happy to be on vacation!

Sheila and I added in our own challenge and shared this here. Thought I would show it to you again with photos.

Love this photo of our feet at the beach.

Previous challenge with tags and pockets...and now photos and journaling.  Cute story here, the room we stayed in once used to be a chicken coop! :)

A little washi and punchinella fun with this photo of my husband playing his guitar at the beach.

OK, ready for that challenge now!


  1. This is so much fun! I love what you are doing with your daybook!

  2. I love it Maura!!!!! Sue B

  3. Great job! I love what you are doing. I noticed the "stitching" on the inside cover...great idea. Can't wait for the next challenge!


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