Friday, July 6

Curious About TwoCraftingSisters?

Happy 3 Year Blogoversary to us!

Here's a hint about something we enjoy doing together....other than crafting. We were inspired by Becky Higgins' iscrap idea to tell you a little more about us, so here goes....Maura and Sheila.

I was...a stamper before I started scrapbooking, and wanted nothing to do with it, until Sheila finally talked me into it (that only took you how many years, Sheila?)

I am...a wife, mother to two sons, sister, friend and blessed in all of these.

I think...that the Golden Rule still applies, that we treat others, how we ourselves would like to be treated, respect each other.

I wonder...what the world would be like if we had more time to play and imagine (bet we would create a lot more).

I wish...that I had a craft room all to myself, that I could share with friends when I want to!

I save...way too much...bits and pieces from trips, cup holders from Starbucks, corrugated cardboard, bubble wrap (love to stamp with the cardboard and bubblewrap and use torn cardboard in projects).

I always...need to read before I go to bed.  Right now I am reading a SteamPunk novel called "Phoenix Rising, A Ministry of Peculiar Occurrences" by Pip Ballantine and Tee Morris.

I can't imagine...not having my morning cup of coffee...or two.

I believe...that a little scrapbooking, stamping or art journaling are necessary each day to keep me in harmony with my life.

I love...the quiet time in the morning when the birds are chirping, the sun is rising, and no one else is up yet....but I also like to sleep in late, so that is usually on the days I get up to go to school to teach.

I keep trying new things and push my creative boundaries.

I tell a story, to create something beautiful out of bits and pieces, to play, to be with friends, to keep my crafting connection with Sheila on twocraftingsisters, and most of all because I simply need to do this. 

Sheila here, now, it's my turn---

I was...up this morning at 3:30 a.m. which is pretty much the norm around here. I'm an early to bed, early to rise kind of person.

I am...having a lot more fun making mini books and journals now and cannot remember the last time I actually made a scrapbook layout. I'm getting inspired by Maura's recent ones though.

I's easier to live without TV than most people realize. We don't have any service in our home and it frees up a whole lot more crafting time.

I wonder...what flavors the cupcake shop has on the menu today?

I wish...there were more scrapbooking magazines still in publication. The inspiration online is great, but I miss sitting down and reading through an actual paper magazine.

I most favorite patterned papers and embellishments for that one special project that never seems to happen and they sit unused in a drawer until they go out of style so I am going to jump right in with my favorites and use them in current projects.

I always...have a neat and tidy workspace. I just can't seem to get messy.

I can't imagine...a morning without coffee. Hmmmm....same answer as Maura.....

I believe...Maura is the best sister ever and  I love...her.

I scrap...for myself.


  1. I absolutely love you too, Sheila!!!

  2. What a fun read! I love the inside look :) I am with you both on that coffee thing and I would need a few pots if I was up at 3:30 am! Wowsers!!!!

  3. I love everything you both do !!!!!

  4. Happy Anniversary!!! I enjoyed reading these thoughts!!!


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