Monday, December 24

Catching up with December Daily

Beach Day in science class - studying beach sands, and having fun!

Crop day of fun! And I won this cool prize!

A few thank you cards I designed on the ninth.
One of my traditions in December, especially the last couple of weeks is to wear all of my different Christmas Pins wherever I go. My students enjoy this and check them out each day. (Many are Sheila's creations)

Neither of our December Daily's would be complete without our tribute to the Red Cup at Starbucks!

Here is a story about my own little miracle plant I have at school.

Love these little houses I made! They are up on the mantle for the holidays.
December 14...a sad day for all. On our family hike at Thanksgiving, we found this on the beach, and it seemed appropriate for today.

My research class gave me this tree as our mascot, and we decorated "Spike" for Christmas. Love the Dr. Who Tardis ornament!

I had to include the card I made to mail out to long distance friends.

And the family photo from our Thanksgiving hike ( I don't usually add a photo, since we are all grown up now, but it was fun to do.

Maybe, just maybe, I will finish my DD this month (and my Sept. LSNED before 2013 - LOL!)

I think I'll link up to Layout Love Linky over at the Purple Mailbox.



  1. I love the little houses you made, they are beautiful. How sad but how touching to find those stones on the beach for the terrible events at Newtown. Thanks for your visit to my blog too. Anne x

  2. I love every page! Hope to make one maybe in 2013.


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