Friday, December 28

December Daily is....Done! (And it's still December)

I will admit, the last ten pages went together pretty quickly. I either took lots of photos for a day, or none. I also realized that I did not get a lot of people shots at the different events this season. I used the 18th just to reminisce about Christmas past.
Lots of photos for the big day, so I printed out a bunch of mini wallet size to use them little snapshots into the day.
Once again, I have made a book that won't close! I really tried to keep it simple and not add too much, so it must be the chipboard, right? Or perhaps my memories don't want to be closed up.
So, to follow in SoapHouseMama's footsteps - what did I learn from this? I learned:

1. I need to remember to take a photo each day

2. I need to remember to put the people back in to those photos

3. Too much chipboard makes a fat book

4. Jot down a note each day on a post it and stick it to the page, so I remember when I go back to journal

5. Love those Chic Tag embellishments (thanks soapHousemama!)

6. Always do this with my sister, because Sheila keeps me on track with DD!

7. Do all the base book ahead, so it is ready to go

8. Use a kit or coordinating papers to keep it simple

9. Share your ideas with others (and they will share right back with you)

10. Remember the little moments and joys of the season, because they truly mean the most

And now....I can't wait to see how you finished yours, Sheila! :)

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  1. YAY! Way to go Maura this looks so awesome! I so enjoyed your top 10 list :)


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