Sunday, January 25

By Road, Plane, Train, do you Travel?

Another doll swap, this time with a travel theme. First visit to the farm! I did some farm visiting when I was a child, and it was a whole new world to me.
A little retro traveling along Route 66. I want to do this from Chicago to LA and stop at all the iconic places of interest. Anyone for a road trip?
Time to travel to the alternate world of steampunk, kind of a SciFi Victorian Age. Made a cape and top hat for my boy to go in style.
Here's my artsy girl heading to Europe. You can see she has see quite a few places on her travels. When the background got too bright, I toned it down with some whitewash (just diluted white paint).
Now would be a good time to travel to a warmer climate as a major snowstorm churns our way...oh, well, time to craft!


  1. Love this, Maura! The key on the boy travel tag added just the right touch. Route 66 is on my bucket list, too! Get your kicks on Route 66!


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