Wednesday, January 21

Colorburst Part 2

I am loving this online class I am taking...Artfully Inspired Life! My book is prepped for the year, my January pages are done. All I have left to do this month is add my personal journaling to the pages. Woohoo!

Made up my own dedication page, adding the Washi! I learned to add some medium to the Washi to hold it down better...I used Ranger Glue and Seal.
Here are the rest of the pages...
I think I am looking ahead to Valentines Day!
Notice on my side by side pages, I am trying to carry over some of the same elements, so there is a connection between this case, the blue used on both pages.
I had fun blending the colors on these pages, and the dripping down.
I notice when I don't use my ruler, I write uphill.

Now, it is time to go back in and work with these pages, work on my vision board, sparks, etc. honestly, I can't wait to see what February will bring.

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