Sunday, March 15

"TV" Characters Prima Doll Swap

I stretched the TV to include movie characters, as I don't watch a lot of tv shows. I had a lot of fun altering the Prima dolls, changing the bodies, making my own clothes, and creating the backgrounds on the tags. These three I swapped. One of my favorite TV shows is Dr. Who; we have always enjoyed the Incredibles, and The Hobbit/Lord of the Rings is another fave. I had fun imagining how these characters would look.

Now, for the one I kept...

My Dr. Who tag, complete with Fez, bow tie, and Tardis!

Who knew playing with paper dolls could be so much fun..feeling like a child again!


  1. What a great interpretation of those Prima dolls. So funky and rad!

  2. So much fun, so stylish, great job done with so many textures, watercolor effect and layers!

  3. Dear Maura, I have been following your blog now since a while and I always find such a lot of inspiration here - it is incredible how various your technique is. Well in short you are really very talented. By the way thank you indeed for your lovely comment on my blog :-)
    xoxo SanDee1899


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