Monday, April 6

This Starts Today!

I used to draw. I used to draw, sketch, and doodle all the time. Somewhere in my journey, that all took a different path. I want to find it again, and this project seems like the perfect opportunity. My goal is one small sketch or doodle a day, to help me find this focus again, and repeat for 100 days!

Am I thinking I might not get there, you betcha! But, I am going to try!! I will be sharing this daily on Instagram at @maurahib if you want to check in from time to time and cheer me on.

If you are interested, you can sign up even after today and still join in here.



  1. Way to go! I'm not on Instagram but hopefully you'll give periodic updates here as to how it's going. Would love to see what you sketch or doodle!


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