Sunday, November 8

A Chocolate Christmas

This past week at Stamp Camp, we made these wonderful chocolate houses for the holiday! Thanks so much to my friend Sheree who taught us how to make these. So, feast your eyes on my creation.

Every house turned out beautifully unique, and we had so much fun making these. I will admit, I did go home on sugar overload from tasting the candies! It's getting me into the holiday mood!


  1. I'm on my way over, and I'll start with the front door!!!! Oh my goodness, I could not display this, because I would have it all eaten in a few days!!! SO COOL!!! I've never seen one made with chocolate....LOVE it!

  2. wow, I would have eaten ½ of the decorations before making anything, it looks delicious! Much better than a gingerbread house too!


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