Thursday, January 14

Creative Jumpstart 2016: Inspired by Jean-Michel Basquiat

I've been introduced to an artist new to me, Jean-Michel Basquiat through Creative Jumpstart 2016, organized by Nathalie Kahlbach. I am loving this year's format with the workshop, and am trying to expand my creative boundaries. I focused in on Basquiat's bold primary colors, use of symbols/graffiti/language, and picked up interpretive ideas from the five fabulous artists who shared their ideas!

Here we go..."Universal Chaos"

I feel like I've created a pictograph wall, where there are images laid over each other as people continue to draw over time and add symbols. It is pretty chaotic, hence the name. As I worked with this, I started thinking of galaxies, suns, universes, Dr. Who and the TARDIS traveling through time and space (I think the blues led me there), and just tried to pull from the ideas presented by the artists in the course. Very different for me!

I started off with a scribbly word layer, then added the yellow and red, and scratched in some designs.

Added blue, finger painted and white - I like how this added dimension. 

Added black, then wanted to get some more red and yellow back into it. 

Added symbols and designs in white, more yellow...thinking about the universe exploding and expanding...just having some good messy fun!

Final step, add in some language/words.

So, my first attempt in the Basquiat style is definitely messy and chaotic, but it allowed me a lot of freedom of expression. I think I am going to have to play with messy paint like this some more, and see what else I can create.

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