Thursday, April 14

Wanderlust 2016: Chasing the Sun

Candy Colwell over at Creativity is Contagious  inspired me to get going on the Wanderlust prompt about what I did today. Now, I really love her art journal pages which show how she is spring cleaning, but unfortunately, she did not inspire me to clean! honestly, I think that is at the bottom of my to do list. But, she did inspire me to create a page showing what I did today...which was chase the sun. Finally, it feels like spring here and was a gorgeous spring day, so I did have coffee on the deck (north heading), then moved to the front of the house to read in the warm sun (south heading), well and yes a few other things in between, but here's to chasing the sun!

I love this shot, because the sun was a perfect companion to my theme when I went to photograph it.

And, if you want to see it in more detail...

Enjoying this creative journey!


  1. Sounds like a good day to me, chasing the sun and enjoying the warmth. Awesome sauce journal page. The Reds and Oranges looks like the sun and the greens/blues are chasing it! Fantabulous! Hugz! ~Niki

  2. Cleaning can wait (it always ...well, almost always can, right?). Chasing the sun's warmth was a good thing to do and your journal page is just so awesome! Love the colours and the focal image a lot!

    Claudia xxx


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